Friday, January 19, 2018

Day 5 - It is done

It is done.  This was my last Balance Complete shake.  My breakfast this morning was Balance Complete and almond milk, and I just had such a hard time getting it down.  It's just started to go so slowly, and I wished I was done.  It's almost like I didn't want to do it anymore.   The only snacks I had today were Tea at Starbucks.  Lunch was better because I took the liberties of spiking my shake with Ningxia, Almond Milk, spinach and a banana.  They made it taste better.  I mean, really, isn't everything better with a banana? 

This was the Last. 
This was my dinner smoothie.  I was happy to end it on a good night, Balance Complete with Ningxia Red, almond milk, spinach and a banana. I'm glad it's done.  I had a friend tell me, she did this Cleanse some time ago.  

I hadn't lost any weight this morning.  I wonder if my body got mad because I forgot to eat (drink) dinner last night.  I hope it's not Starvation mode.  Though Eric and I were talking about it over breakfast, he's lost 4 pounds. I lost 3, if you don't consider how bloated I was from the weekend weight, otherwise, I'll consider it 5.  Somewhere in there, I guess.  I hope the weight stays off.  
I'm worried if I'm going to bloat and blow up again when I start eating real food tomorrow.  
I feel more clearheaded.  I see my anklebones, which had been disappearing for years. 

According to the paperwork, this cleanse should be done 4 times a year.  I don't think I could do that.  But I could see doing it again sometime.  It'll be a while though, I currently can't do anymore Balance Complete.  If I do get a wild hair and try to drink a shake tomorrow, it will be Pure Protein Chocolate! I don't think I want to move into a new diet/lifestyle, like the Whole 30 or something.  
Frankly, I'd be happy if I could just stop craving deep fried meat, or sugar glutens with dairy.  My body is no longer craving cookies every two hours, which basically was my goal.  I feel better about that. Instead of craving sugar to the point I feel like I've got the shakes, I just want Everything.  I have been successful at watching others eat around me, and not join them.  I'm Still craving pickles, I'm telling you, pickles will be Lunch tomorrow!  I think I broke my coffee craving.  That's good, because I was drinking a lot of coffee flavored sugar milk.  Tomorrow, I might venture into adding honey to my tea.  It's been getting a little boring.  I want to go slowly, gently, so I can be wise.  I don't know. We're supposed to have a Birthday dinner with my Dad tomorrow, not sure how Wise I can be.  
We'll see.  

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