Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Not Real Pneumonia

I got diagnosed with Walking Pneumonia in December. 

I have felt like a Young Living Failure ever since. 

There, I said it.   I have been feeling guilty for weeks. 

In Young Living Leadership circles, there's a catchy phrase you may have heard, "Be a Product of the Product".  The theory being, if you are trying to get a product out there, you should use it.  Daily.  I do.  I use my Oils every day.  I drink the Vitality Oils.  I diffuse Oils in any room that I'm in for more than a couple minutes. I take the supplements.  Maybe not every thing.  But a lot of them!

I was taking my vitamins every day during December.  I was taking Immupro every night.  Was I drinking Ningxia Red and Inner Defense every day?  No. No, not really.  I should have.  I've done that before, made sure that we all are drinking our Ningxia Red every day.  But I didn't last month.  Clearly I should have.  Is that where the problem occurred? I don't know. 

Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda.

I still feel bad.  Like I'm still sick. I lost my voice for Christmas. I'm still coughing.  I'm coming down from the Prednisone that got me through Christmas, and I feel terrible.  When I cough, my head feels like it's going to split.  It's not so bad most of the day, but when I lay down, or get up, I cough for like an hour, and sound disgusting.  I have a finite amount of energy, and can do 1 or 2 things a day, and That's It. I want to do More!!

I want so badly to start this  year with my Young Living business gangbusters.  I didn't do much business wise last year, except care for my team.  That was good, but I want to kick it up a notch.  But I feel like I'm not any kind of good motivation while I'm still coughing and disgusting. 

It occurred to me this morning, that it could be worse.  Much Worse!  I could have the kind of pneumonia that lands you in the hospital.  I could've been stuck in Isolation, away from my kids, on Christmas, and New Years.  Instead, I just have had to take a nap every day.  While on Vacation.  And I've been able to attend almost every Family Get Together. 

My Oils got me this far.  That was a new thought, a non-guilt inducing thought.  Maybe I'd be in a worse mess if I wasn't oiling.  That kind of gave me hope.  I was able to be home with my family, celebrating Christmas and New Years with my loved ones instead of being sick in a hospital like most folks who get pneumonia.  I'm Thankful for that.