Saturday, January 23, 2016

Amy's Cuts and Butts Awesomesauce

I went to visit my friend Amy on MLK day with the boys, so that all our kids could play thunderdome while we talked Oils.  One of my favorite recipes that she let me sample was this one. It's Fabulous for EVERYTHING!   This is what they were thinking of when they created the phrase, "awesomesauce".   So when my sister in law Erica and I met up this week for a Make-n-Take session of our own, I wanted to make it.    It was so much to make all kinds of goodies.   This is Amy's Recipe for her homemade neosporin.   We just called it Cuts and Butts.

Amy's Cuts and Butts

1/4 cup coconut oil (the organic solid at room temperature type)
1/4 cup olive oil
1 Tbsp beeswax
20 drops Lavender oil
12 drops Frankincense oil
10 drops Lemon oil
8 drops Tea Tree aka Melaleuca

Melt beeswax in a double boiler.  I use a glass bowl on top of a boiling pot of water.  Once melted add coconut oil, and wait until it melts and is uniform.  Then add the olive oil, mix and remove from heat.  Add Young Living Essential Oils.   Then pour into desired container, it makes ~5 ounces.   We made two baby food jars.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

2016 Goals and Oola

I was listening to Corie, one of our upline Diamonds, discuss about Top Tips for 2016, and I realized, I did write down my business goals, but not post them.

One of my biggest goals is to be Executive by June.
 The reason for that is a subgoal - I'm going to Convention.   But they just sent around a note that the Si6 'Silver in 6' reward program is going to be discontinued March 1st.   They will grandfather anyone in who has already achieved .  So I'm going to try to kick it up a notch, by offering this special deal for anyone who would like to join my team, or to kick it up by joining our monthly frequent shopper program, Essential Rewards.

I've been reading the book - Oola: Finding Balance in an Unbalanced World by Dave Braun and Troy Amdahl.  If you haven't checked out this book, please do so!  It's Awesome! Oola is defined as a State of Awesomeness.   And when you do that by boosting 7 different life categories, when you are balanced, your life wheel rolls smoothly.  That's a very abbreviated version of it.  I follow the OolaLife on Periscope.  When Gary and Mary Young read the book, they loved it too.  And they got together with the Oola Guys to develop 2 Oola based Oil blends:  Oola Balance and Oola Grow.  Then last year Young Living and Oola got together and developed the Infused 7, based on the 7 Principles of Oola:  Faith, Family, Field, Finance, Friends, Fitness, and Fun.   

One of the first assignments as I finished the book, was to find My Why.   To do that, I pick 3 goals for each of the 7 F's, and then find one Goal to start on with regard to them.  

1. To be Debt - free.  Don't spend what we don't have. 
2. Pay off Disney credit card
3. Pay Medical Debts. 

1. Run a 5K
2. Lose 50 pounds
3. Exercise to Sweat Everyday

1. Read a Devotional Everyday
2. Join a small group
3. Church choir - maybe rejoin in the fall

1. Be a better friend, travel to see them, offer to host
2. Visit once a week
3.  Send a Birthday Card in the mail

1. Care Calls - one or two a week, monthly team calls
2. Weekly Perisocpe
3. Executive by Convention in Utah (was supposed to be June, but now by March hopefully)

1. Yell less
2. From 4-7 No Computer/work, Community Screen Time, unless Family Movie Night
3. Dates with Each Child, one per month / Monthly Date with Eric

1. Wii U once a week
2. Save $ for Family Vacation
3. Weekly Alone Time

Saturday, January 9, 2016

From my Purple Notebook - Eric Worre's 10 Steps to Supercharge Your Network Marketing Business

This morning Eric Worre gave an inspiring Periscope that I just happened to chilling with Jacob when the computer buzzed at me.  And though Periscope was giving fits, it was Excellent.   I've been feeling in a bit of a slumb, not from my team, but because I myself was just in a business-y slump through the holidays, and I can't wait to see what the new year brings!  Check out for more info!

10 Steps To Supercharge Your Network Marketing Business

1. Personal Growth
 - Be a Lifelong Learner (Take Notes!)
 - Listen (audio, podcasts, repetition)
 - Reading (What's on your book list?  Network Marketing Pro!)
 - Watching (training videos, youtube, periscope ;) )
 - Attending - Go to Convention, Classes, Events
 - Associations - Can push or pull you on or off track, choose wisely
 - Budget - set a specific amount aside for personal growth (he started $500)
*Consume content then Go To Work! ~ 30 minutes a day

2. Network Marketing Skills - Top earners make sure their group is Trained
 -a. Finding Prospects
 -b. Inviting Prospects
 -c. Presenting to Prospects
 -d. Follow up with Prospects
 -e. Closing the deal
 -f. Getting New People Started
 -g. Promoting New Events
Rate self 1-10 on each category, then rate the team 1-10.  Set in motion strategy to make teams better.  Repeat assessment periodically.

3.  Product or Service
  - Be a Passionate Ambassador
  - Public Use, consume it publically
  - Train on your Product/Service
  - Gather Customers, try to maintain a small tight group, 10ish

4. Time Management -
 - Treat this like a Job!
 - Have specific hours, set in advance, let people know your "office hours"
 -"Manage activities, not time."
 - 15 minute strategy, Focused!
 - Top leaders are Fiercely Protective of their Time.

5. Consistent Method of Operation
 - What are habits that serve you best?
 -Top leaders have daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual baseline plans
 -Daily - Plan for the day - Personal Development/ spiritual time,
     1. Use products daily
     2. Sharing Products with Others
     3. Sharing the opportunity with at least 1
     4. Promoting Events
 -Weekly - Plan for the entire week on Sunday night.
 -Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly  - building campaigns
 -Develop solid baselines! Consistency is Key!

6.  Duplication
 - Simple - Top earners Simplify, and keep it duplicatable
 -Fight Complexity - Don't mess with simple core message, nature tends to chaos
"I don't know, all I know is ex./use products to xyz" It's OK to say I don't know

7. Events - Meetings Make Money! Personal contact helps make decisions
 - ANNUAL CONVENTION!  -June 22-26 Non-negotiable. Sacred time.  Fastest way to get to the top.
-Quarterly, Regional, Local, Home, Online events - all build to Convention
"We are Event Promoters."  Be an Event Ambassador!

8. Communication - The Organization most connected wins!
 - Strategies, Email, Social Groups, Phone, Text, Conference Calls, Webinars, Videos
 -Weak leaders depend (hope) on their leaders.  Top leaders make sure for them, blast info repeatedly, cover all bases. * I need to work on this!

9.Mapping your year  - 12 months in your year, times of highs, med, and low
 -Get people to Convention, recruiting, customers, contests
-*When mapping your year, plan the campaigns!

10. Campaigns - Engage, Create, and Promote campaigns!
- short term burst of activity with a particular goal
-Leaders think in Campaigns, thinking I need an Assignment!
-Product Campaign - train people build around it, use it, promote it, make it fun
-Recruiting - this month, "Get 3 to Live Free"*, focus on it
-Home Meeting - 10 in 10 weeks*, win something special, a pin
-Convention - Top Ten Reason, value, benefits for going
-Tools/System - example: audio cd giveaway, opportunity video

11. BONUS STRATEGY:  Success Loves Speed!
- Baseline does daily requirements, but occasionally need to get a Boost
-Take an Evening (4 hours) and go Nuts!  Make appts, call, mail, text...
 -Take a day (12 hrs)
 -Week to Meet a hundred people!
Become Bold, Crazy, Attractive-  Part Time people can do an eve, day, week
 - Month - create a 30 day game plan
 - 90 days - Insanity Boot Camp- most people not ready, but Full Time leaders can

**Eric Worre has a Series of Training Programs
1. Getting Started - Formula One - online 100$
2. Go Pro Recruiting Mastery - 20 hrs, 1500$
3. 90 Day Game Plan - 2 day 1000$ per person
4. Most Powerful Women - Home Study course 500$
5. Network Marketing Speaker Academy- how to keynote, speeches, 2 day course $1000
 - Go Pro All Access - Netflix like with all of the above $500 for 12 months
SPECIAL- $500 +Gift to 3 people -  I believe in you!


Friday, January 1, 2016

A Winter Special for January and February

The Purple Notebook

So I have this Purple Spiral Notebook that I was given when I attended my first Young Living class.  It was for a Raindrop Training Class, done downtown in November 2014.  My generous mother in law sent me, so that I could learn to do the Raindrop Technique for massage and spinal support.   I only knew one person in that room, thankfully, she'd saved me a seat.  By the time I left later that day I had a half dozen new friends.  These were my people, they love Young Living Essential Oils as much as I do!  They handed me a bag when I arrived, it had a notebook, pen, and folder of information on the coming training, as well as a bottle of White Angelica!  

Immediately, I started taking notes in my class.  And in classes that followed, and now I take notes when I watch Youtube videos, Periscopes, and the biggest one was the Young Living Summit from this past November, 2 solid weeks of awesome presentions.  About halfway through the YL Summit, I filled my book, and needed another one.  Eric rana to the store, and picked up another spiral notebook.  Coincidently, it was purple too.  

Though I have been known to take many notes, I haven't been doing much with them.   So in the new year, I hope to share some of my notes from the purple notebook with you guys, so if you weren't able to make/attend/listen/watch any classes, I can share my knowledge with you.  Heck, maybe even you'll take a few notes of your own.  They say if you write it down, you have a better chance of being able to retain.   That's how I learn/remember/study.  I have to hear it, or see it, AND write it down for it to get in there.  If I actually thumb back through it later, I retain it even better.   So hopefully, this will be an opportunity for us both to learn and retain more!