Wednesday, April 27, 2016

For Clean Hands

I have tried using my oils to make hand soap, and I love to have good smelling soaps.  Sometimes though these crunchy recipes just don't cut it for me.  This is by far my favorite and most simple recipe for an easy hand soap!

Refreshing Hand Cleanser

1/3 cup Bonners Castille soap
4-5 drops Essential Oil (I used Thieves)
2-3 drops Vitamin E if you are so inclined, it's optional

Add oils and soap to hand foaming pump, and fill the rest of the way with water.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Spring Cleaning

Have you tried our Thieves Cleaner? 

Last year, I attended an Event where I had the option of purchasing some discount items, and Thieves cleaner was one of them.  Being available at a discount, Plus not having to pay shipping, I decided to give it a try.   

And I learned...  I Love Thieves Cleaner! 

This product is so versatile.  You can make  your own cleanser stronger or lighter depending on how much base Thieves cleaner you add to water.   It's that time of year again, time for spring cleaning!   So here's a recipe for Restoring Household Cleaner, it's the base I use to clean everything, messes on floors, counters, it's my everyday cleaner.   The 16 oz. Spray bottle came from

Restoring Household Cleaner

1 Tbsp Thieves Cleaner 
1 7/8 cup water

That's all there is to it.  And it's so pure, that my kids and animals can be exposed to it, and not get sick or anything.   I love that about our products! 

Friday, April 8, 2016

My Oily D.O.

Since becoming Oily, one of the things that I like to make on my own, is homemade deodorant.  And It's That Time Again.  Today is a great day for making homemade deodorant!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

I wished for a Vitality Kit

A couple months ago, due to FDA regulations, Young Living began creating bottles especially formulation for Internal Usage of our Oils.  They contain the same oils as the other, but the suggestions on the bottle are solely for oral use, drinking or in a capsule.  When the Vitality line came out, I wasn't interested in investing heavily.   Then, I received a sample of Grapefruit Vitality, and it smells and tastes the same as regular Grapefruit.  Though normally Grapefruit isn't available in a 5 mL.  I liked it! Then I heard they were subbing out some of the Oils in the Premium Starter Kit with Vitality versions.  That perked my interest, I want to be able to Present the most accurate Starter Kit, and information that I can, when I teach, so that my team members, I am giving them the most current information.   So I've been slowly remembering to say "I drink Lemon Vitality" instead of just Lemon in my water.   Towards the end of last month, I decided to make an Oily investment in Vitality Oils, but I couldn't decide where to start.  I asked around, and found myself venting to the oily sky, that I wish they had a Vitality Collection, so that I wouldn't have to narrow it down.  I put in my order, and The Next Day (not kidding!), the Young Living Spring Collection came out.  And what was on page 5?  A Vitality Collection!  Young Living read my mind!

My Oily Friend Amy Moore shared this graphic to show off the new Vitality Culinary Collection, and invited us to share too.  It makes me want them all!  

It contains 5 mL Vitality versions of Ginger. Basil, Thyme, Lemon, Peppermint, Rosemary, Black Pepper, Lime, Oregano, and Cinnamon Bark!  All Fabulous for your Kitchen Collection!  

10 fabulous oils and the wholesale price is only $110.25.  I'll have all my bases covered now.  Sometimes Oily Wishes do come true! 

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The Nose Plays

This morning I went into the bathroom, and found an empty bottle of Raven on my sink.  Funny, I didn't use Raven yesterday, and no one has the cough coughs.  Well, Jacob was feeling iffy.   

It turns out my husband made a new nasal rinse concoction this morning, I found the bottle on the edge of his sink. It was an old 5 mL RC bottle, but over the RC was a small label with  "The Nose Plays"  written on it.   It's got RC, Raven, Frank, Lavender, and Rosemary. He called it, "The Nose Plays".

If you haven't seen Ocean's 11 (or 12, or 13) go watch them all.   In Ocean's 13 Matt Damon puts on a  gratuitous fake nose, and argues, The Nose Plays!   We didn't think it would but it did.  Just like we didn't think we'd find a happy blend of Oils to help rinse out Eric's sinuses.  But we did!  He has chronic sinus issues, and his doctor recommended a daily sinus rinse.  He uses a Neil Med squeeze bottle filled with water and a packet of salt so that it ends up being saline.  To this saline, he has been adding 1 drop of RC for his daily flush.  It's not a 'cure', but it has drastically improved his health baseline, thus making his other medications more effective since he doesn't have to use them as often.   He still has issues on occasion, so he's been mixing it up with other oils like Lavender or Rosemary,   but he misses the RC.  So he mixed up his own!  So I wanted to share it with you:

The Nose Plays

25 drops RC
25 drops Raven
10 drops Lavender 
 7 drops Rosemary
 7 drops Frankincense 

Mix in an empty 5 mL bottle. Then use 1 drop in Saline sinus rinse in a Neti-Pot or Neil Med Sinus Rinse bottle.   Hope the Nose Plays for you all too! 

Training Video for Signup

Check out this nifty video to help with Enrollment!  

Monday, April 4, 2016

Oily Bug Spray

Welcome Spring! 

This is the Recipe for Bug Spray I've used for the last two summers.  Not only does it do a nice job at keeping bugs away.  The only thing I can tell between using this and some other chemical crud is that this gets absorbed in the skin a lot quicker, which makes sense, since this is all natural, so I need to reapply every half hour or so.   

This recipe was a combination of things I found online summer 2014, but I didn't realize for a while it uses LLP within it, so sometimes I get relief from applying another layer of spritz.  Summer 2015 I made it in tinier bottles, easier to keep in my purse or hand, for frequent applications while we were outdoors.   Feel free to mix it up, if you don't have Palo Santo, try Citronella.