Monday, April 4, 2016

Oily Bug Spray

Welcome Spring! 

This is the Recipe for Bug Spray I've used for the last two summers.  Not only does it do a nice job at keeping bugs away.  The only thing I can tell between using this and some other chemical crud is that this gets absorbed in the skin a lot quicker, which makes sense, since this is all natural, so I need to reapply every half hour or so.   

This recipe was a combination of things I found online summer 2014, but I didn't realize for a while it uses LLP within it, so sometimes I get relief from applying another layer of spritz.  Summer 2015 I made it in tinier bottles, easier to keep in my purse or hand, for frequent applications while we were outdoors.   Feel free to mix it up, if you don't have Palo Santo, try Citronella. 

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