Monday, October 26, 2015

The Oil of the Month Club

I was reading last month, about some team members who started an Oil of the Month Club.  As a special treat/reward to anyone on our team who place an order over 100 PV, this person would send out a sample, or special gift in the Oil of the Month Club.  The commentary was favorable, as it gave her team an opportunity to experiment with some oils that they normally wouldn't know about yet.

So this month, I decided to do it myself.  I want to educate my team about some of the non-starter kit oils, and expose myself to other oils and blends that I haven't tried before either.

So first, I made this flyer.

And our first oil for October was Rosemary.   Rosemary is a really handy oil, and an ingredient in some of my favorite blends, like Thieves and Melrose.    It's great for cooking, and to work muscles, but gentle enough to put in a bath with a drop of Lavender and some Epsom Salts.  This oil is great for brain, lung, and liver support, really it's just fabulous for the whole immune system.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Ningxia Cocktails!

This is my favorite drinkie, I call it my Ningxia Cocktail:

First I start with a half glass of Trader Joe's Dynamo juice blend, with pineapple and orange juices, (I'm not normally an OJ fan, but whichever citrus floats your boat), then add ice, and add 1 oz of Ningxia Red, then add a shot of Ningxia Nitro (optional if you want that caffeinated boost). Woohoo! By themselves the Ningxias are a little tart to me, but this way is a Perfect little daytime cocktail, it'll cure what ails ya!

 But I was just reading about another way to drink Ningxia that is pretty fabulous, they called it Ningxia Punch. Picture it: 1 glass of ice, 12 ounces of unsweetened flavored sparkling water, and 1-2 oz of Ninxia Red.   My sister and mother adore La Croix sparkling beverages.    And now here's a way to pair up a few of their favorite things! Personally, I like a little sweetener in my sparkly beverages, which one could add if one were so inclined.  ;)

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Ningxia Time

Have you tried Ningxia Red?   There are two 2 oz. packet samples in every Premium Starter Kit just to give you a try.  I confess, I didn't try mine at first.  I didn't try them until 5 months later, when I started to get a cold, and I was desperate for any immune support I had on hand.  I didn't really like the test, but I didn't get any sicker.  

I started drinking 1 oz of Ningxia Red every day back in January, because my Diamond Leader (5 generations up from me) challenged us to a New Year's Challenge.  1 oz a day during the month of January.  Frankly, that sounded a lot easier to me than an entire year long New Year's Resolution.  So I declared that was going to be my New Year's Resolution, and Eric decided to join me cautiously.   So we drank.  And the first few weeks we shuddered when took that shot.   Ningxia Red is not a sweet juice.  It's a high anti-oxidant juice blend.   It's so packed with such great things, you only need an ounce or two.  And I didn't notice any big differences. 
My husband Eric was very wary of our daily drinking of the Ningxia Red, that we took on for the January Challenge. The only changes we noticed were a. it tastes better to us than when we first started, and b. neither of us got sick. But as it just so happened, Eric had been working insane hours for a big project.  I hate to say it, but a 40 year old man cannot pull all-nighters like a 20 year old.   With all the hideous hours Eric's been keeping of late, it was pretty miraculous that he didn't get sick.  Traditionally, he does. When it was over, I had been asking and asking him if he wanted to continue.  All he said was "Well, it's a habit now." And he told me in the beginning of February that I better order some more, he didn't think we can make it to the end of February when my ER order comes through. I guess that's Man-Speak for I like it hon, your voodoo oil beverage works, let's get some more.
Then in March, Christopher had to take the ISTEP, a standardized test for all third graders.  So we decided to boost his health and brain power, to start giving him shots of Ningxia Red too.  He was a big fan.  He made this video with me for one of my facebook online classes.  He loves his "red juice".

Way to be Compliant!  

He was pretty adorable, and he's been joining us in shots most everyday ever since.  Even Sam has gotten in on the action, we started spiking his green juice with red juice.  One morning, he noticed that we spiked his juice, and accused us, "Mommy!  Did you put red juice in my green juice?!"  Yes.  "Oh OK."  He was totally cool with that.  And now he asks for it.  We all do Family Shots in the morning.  Our Aunt Teri had a chronic cough for 10 years, the doctors didn't know what to do with her, and she finally was able to kick it using Thieves, LLP, and drinking Ningxia Red daily.  I went to the eye doctor this summer, and was thrilled to hear my astigmatism was gone and my prescription had improved.  I'd been using oils for a couple months when I had gone in last year, but this year, really the only change had been the addition of daily Ningxia.  They say it can support eye health, I thought they meant for someone with eye problems, I didn't think it would apply to me.  So it was a Bonus Health Boost! 
When school started this year, kids and parents were dropping like flies.  But our immune systems were so well supported with our oils and our Ningxia, it was Amazing.    I got close last month, the closest I have been to getting sick since I started using Essential Oils.  I was a snotty mess, and had a gross cough.  But I never got a fever.  I stayed close to home because I sounded so gross, and napped every day, well, as long as Jake would let me.  I drank my Ningxia and used my oils and didn't get sick.  It doesn't sounds like a fancy testimony, "I drank Ningxia and didn't get sick." but if you knew us before Young Living, you would be amazed at the difference.  If you are looking to boost your immune system for the next few months, give Ningxia Red a try.  Just try it for a month.  See if you notice a difference.  Even if the difference is so simple as we didn't get sick, it might be worth it. 

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Failing in the Biz and still making Diamond.

Did you know that 98% of Network Marketers quit in the first year?  I did that with Mary Kay back in the day.  But with YL, I didn't intend for it to become a business.  Now I find myself Blessed with a small business, and the desire to make it grow.  Some say they just want to make it to Silver, but really Diamond is where it's at!  Check this video out!


Wow!  I know it's a long video, but I just feel so pumped up about my business now.  What great points she made!  "The fortune is in the follow-up."  I've already been trying to have Team Meetings, and the key to a call to action is a strong close.  I need to work on that!  I love how she gave us permission to mess up.  Doing this as a business has such a learning curve.  It's a learning process.  But one of her most important keys is for us to Keep Learning!  Keep learning, and keep sharing, but not to over do it, and become a know it all, to scare folks away.  I fell in love with Young Living Essential Oils and wanted to drink in all the knowledge like water!  So I was all over that Read and Study and Attend things bit.  But I realize not everyone can do it like I did, reading my EOPR from cover to cover over Summer Break.  Maybe I do make it a little scary that I wanted to know so much about the oils, but it made me want to share these wonderfully miraculous oils with everyone I know!   That's why I want to help you learn more.  Not only can I be a resource to answer your questions, but I can point you in the right directions of being able to find your own answers!   I want you to read and study and invest in yourself too.  Young Living and other MLMs don't have extensive marketing departments, because WE are the marketing department.  We don't just sell a product, we demonstrate a healthy lifestyle, and in order to portray it, we need to make it look as easy and awesome as we already know that it is!  So I'm setting goals for myself, to develop me.  And I want to help you all become the best you that you can be, not just for the business, but for you.

Monday, October 5, 2015

The WELCA Vendor Blender

This was my table set up this weekend at church, for the WELCA Vendor Blender.  

To be honest, the idea of doing a vendor event terrified me, and the first time I was asked, I said No.  But when a friend of mine personally contacted me, and said, we don't have anyone doing Oils, maybe you'd like to?  I thought, OK.  It's for church.  Our event this past weekend was for the Women of the ELCA (WELCA) weekend.  On this weekend, the women of the church run the service.  And to kick it up a notch, this event was added for all of us women in small business to present at the event.  To raise money for WELCA, all of us that showed, will be donating our proceeds from the event.  
I went into this with low expectations, Young Living Essential Oils is not the kind of thing that one can explain in 30 seconds as someone cruises by a table.   But I thought, this will be a good opportunity to show my friends and church family what I've been doing.   It ended up being a lot more fun than I thought.   I didn't sign anyone up, but I really did Share my Oils!  This was an opportunity to bring the Oils to folks that may not be familiar with them.  
So maybe you are thinking to yourself, what do I do, to try this too?  Well, I brought my new Premium Starter Kit, I call it my Demo kit.  I bought it last month when they were on sale.  I brought my Aroma diffuser, and put 5 drops of Thieves in it.  There's lots of debate what to diffuse at events.  For Intro classes, I usually diffuse Lemon.  For additional education, I like to diffuser something a bit stronger.  I figured everyone loves the smell of Christmas, and Thieves was a great choice on Saturday, because the weather was so crummy.  Sunday, I got a few more odd looks, but people stopped by to learn what smelled so good.  Though Thieves was a good choice, I think if the church does this again, I would diffuse Frankincense.   That was one of the most popular oils that folks at church wanted to smell, and that makes sense, most of them have probably only ever smelled it burning as an incense at a funeral or something.  Ours smells so much nicer!  I need to work on a faster presentation, I couldn't even get into the Seed to Seal discussion most of the time.  I tried to be FDA compliant, but it's a learning process, and I'm making the effort, but I'm sure I blurped a couple times. Any time someone came around my table, I would break the ice with the question, Are you familiar with Essential Oils?  That gets me responses from yes, I use YL, or yes, I use that other brand.  There were a good few Nos, but mostly people had heard of them, but not known how to use them.  
When I first arrived, I whipped out a baby jar and put some coconut oil in it, and added a few drops of Lavender.  This way anyone that wanted to try something, a. could see how easy it was to make it, and b. try a little bit of an easy moisturizer, also good for this ever changing Indiana weather.  I gave away my bottle Saturday evening to a friend who had stayed a while to discuss.  She was asking me to make something for her, and sell it.  Frankly, I'd rather get people into doing their own oils, and give free samples away of the stuff I make, to get them comfortable using.  I had a few extra 4-5 drop samples, like that come in the Starter Kit.  I was able to give out a few of those.  I brought out my stash of unopened bottles to sell.  Unfortunately, I only sold one, my Deep Relief.  Good thing my Essential Rewards order goes out tonight!  But folks stopped to look at what I had.  I think staying with the Starter Kit oils was a good choice.  Too many oils can get overwhelming for folks.  Next time, I would want to have a couple bottles of Thieves on hand.  I had a couple bottles of Thieves Spray, not taken.  Good, more for me!     I thought Thieves would be a big hit this time of year.  And it was, but not enough to make people buy.   So I kicked it up by having a signup page offering a free 15 mL bottle of Thieves to anyone that wanted to learn more and host a class.  No one took advantage of that though.  
I did make business cards.  A couple years ago, Eric got me 'mom cards', so that I could have my contact information on a card with the boys' names on it.  So this weekend, we printed off a couple pages of address labels with my name, YL member number, and website, to go with the front of the card contact info.   I put the stickers on the back, and I can use my Mom cards, and kick it up to a business card without having to invest in something new.  Val had given me a couple dozen PSK info sheets too, to share with my team.  I had extra contact labels and put them on a dozen of flyers, for those that were really interested.  I gave about 10 of those away.   I should also have brought a tablecloth, to kick it up a notch.  
Unfortunately, I only made about 7$ for the church, but I was able to do some networking.  I wrote down the names of friends who stopped to chat, who seemed interested, and I am planning on doing some follow up in an email or set up meetings.  I may offer to do an Intro Class, and ask them to help with scheduling.  Even if nothing comes of it, I enjoyed the opportunity to get out and share my info.  It was a good learning experience.  Not bad for my first event!  

I hope my experience can give you some insight.  Don't be afraid to step outside your comfort zone, especially at church, where people tend to love you anyway.  What's the worst thing they're going to say?  No.  And that's ok.  Those of us in the know probably feel that everyone has need of these wonderful oils, and we're going to do our darndest to share these Gifts, but it's God's Timing as to whether or not they are ready to receive.  And I am content to know that they are working on His Time.  If I had enrolled the first time I heard of Young Living, I wouldn't be where I am, and I have been so Blessed by these oils. I spent my weekend planting seeds.  And it was Good. 

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Fall Diffuser Blends

Here are some wonderful suggestions for your Diffuser this Fall!  


Welcome to my new website,!

For those that don't know me, I'm Cathy Willman, a Young Living Essential Oils Independent Distributor.   Here's a little Intro video about me that I made on youtube.  See?  I am slowly joining this century. ;)   


I am excited to begin sharing essential oils in this format with you all, come back soon for new recipes, videos, and testimonies! Happy Go Live Day!