Thursday, October 8, 2015

Failing in the Biz and still making Diamond.

Did you know that 98% of Network Marketers quit in the first year?  I did that with Mary Kay back in the day.  But with YL, I didn't intend for it to become a business.  Now I find myself Blessed with a small business, and the desire to make it grow.  Some say they just want to make it to Silver, but really Diamond is where it's at!  Check this video out!


Wow!  I know it's a long video, but I just feel so pumped up about my business now.  What great points she made!  "The fortune is in the follow-up."  I've already been trying to have Team Meetings, and the key to a call to action is a strong close.  I need to work on that!  I love how she gave us permission to mess up.  Doing this as a business has such a learning curve.  It's a learning process.  But one of her most important keys is for us to Keep Learning!  Keep learning, and keep sharing, but not to over do it, and become a know it all, to scare folks away.  I fell in love with Young Living Essential Oils and wanted to drink in all the knowledge like water!  So I was all over that Read and Study and Attend things bit.  But I realize not everyone can do it like I did, reading my EOPR from cover to cover over Summer Break.  Maybe I do make it a little scary that I wanted to know so much about the oils, but it made me want to share these wonderfully miraculous oils with everyone I know!   That's why I want to help you learn more.  Not only can I be a resource to answer your questions, but I can point you in the right directions of being able to find your own answers!   I want you to read and study and invest in yourself too.  Young Living and other MLMs don't have extensive marketing departments, because WE are the marketing department.  We don't just sell a product, we demonstrate a healthy lifestyle, and in order to portray it, we need to make it look as easy and awesome as we already know that it is!  So I'm setting goals for myself, to develop me.  And I want to help you all become the best you that you can be, not just for the business, but for you.

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