Monday, October 26, 2015

The Oil of the Month Club

I was reading last month, about some team members who started an Oil of the Month Club.  As a special treat/reward to anyone on our team who place an order over 100 PV, this person would send out a sample, or special gift in the Oil of the Month Club.  The commentary was favorable, as it gave her team an opportunity to experiment with some oils that they normally wouldn't know about yet.

So this month, I decided to do it myself.  I want to educate my team about some of the non-starter kit oils, and expose myself to other oils and blends that I haven't tried before either.

So first, I made this flyer.

And our first oil for October was Rosemary.   Rosemary is a really handy oil, and an ingredient in some of my favorite blends, like Thieves and Melrose.    It's great for cooking, and to work muscles, but gentle enough to put in a bath with a drop of Lavender and some Epsom Salts.  This oil is great for brain, lung, and liver support, really it's just fabulous for the whole immune system.

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