Friday, January 1, 2016

The Purple Notebook

So I have this Purple Spiral Notebook that I was given when I attended my first Young Living class.  It was for a Raindrop Training Class, done downtown in November 2014.  My generous mother in law sent me, so that I could learn to do the Raindrop Technique for massage and spinal support.   I only knew one person in that room, thankfully, she'd saved me a seat.  By the time I left later that day I had a half dozen new friends.  These were my people, they love Young Living Essential Oils as much as I do!  They handed me a bag when I arrived, it had a notebook, pen, and folder of information on the coming training, as well as a bottle of White Angelica!  

Immediately, I started taking notes in my class.  And in classes that followed, and now I take notes when I watch Youtube videos, Periscopes, and the biggest one was the Young Living Summit from this past November, 2 solid weeks of awesome presentions.  About halfway through the YL Summit, I filled my book, and needed another one.  Eric rana to the store, and picked up another spiral notebook.  Coincidently, it was purple too.  

Though I have been known to take many notes, I haven't been doing much with them.   So in the new year, I hope to share some of my notes from the purple notebook with you guys, so if you weren't able to make/attend/listen/watch any classes, I can share my knowledge with you.  Heck, maybe even you'll take a few notes of your own.  They say if you write it down, you have a better chance of being able to retain.   That's how I learn/remember/study.  I have to hear it, or see it, AND write it down for it to get in there.  If I actually thumb back through it later, I retain it even better.   So hopefully, this will be an opportunity for us both to learn and retain more!

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