Saturday, January 9, 2016

From my Purple Notebook - Eric Worre's 10 Steps to Supercharge Your Network Marketing Business

This morning Eric Worre gave an inspiring Periscope that I just happened to chilling with Jacob when the computer buzzed at me.  And though Periscope was giving fits, it was Excellent.   I've been feeling in a bit of a slumb, not from my team, but because I myself was just in a business-y slump through the holidays, and I can't wait to see what the new year brings!  Check out for more info!

10 Steps To Supercharge Your Network Marketing Business

1. Personal Growth
 - Be a Lifelong Learner (Take Notes!)
 - Listen (audio, podcasts, repetition)
 - Reading (What's on your book list?  Network Marketing Pro!)
 - Watching (training videos, youtube, periscope ;) )
 - Attending - Go to Convention, Classes, Events
 - Associations - Can push or pull you on or off track, choose wisely
 - Budget - set a specific amount aside for personal growth (he started $500)
*Consume content then Go To Work! ~ 30 minutes a day

2. Network Marketing Skills - Top earners make sure their group is Trained
 -a. Finding Prospects
 -b. Inviting Prospects
 -c. Presenting to Prospects
 -d. Follow up with Prospects
 -e. Closing the deal
 -f. Getting New People Started
 -g. Promoting New Events
Rate self 1-10 on each category, then rate the team 1-10.  Set in motion strategy to make teams better.  Repeat assessment periodically.

3.  Product or Service
  - Be a Passionate Ambassador
  - Public Use, consume it publically
  - Train on your Product/Service
  - Gather Customers, try to maintain a small tight group, 10ish

4. Time Management -
 - Treat this like a Job!
 - Have specific hours, set in advance, let people know your "office hours"
 -"Manage activities, not time."
 - 15 minute strategy, Focused!
 - Top leaders are Fiercely Protective of their Time.

5. Consistent Method of Operation
 - What are habits that serve you best?
 -Top leaders have daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual baseline plans
 -Daily - Plan for the day - Personal Development/ spiritual time,
     1. Use products daily
     2. Sharing Products with Others
     3. Sharing the opportunity with at least 1
     4. Promoting Events
 -Weekly - Plan for the entire week on Sunday night.
 -Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly  - building campaigns
 -Develop solid baselines! Consistency is Key!

6.  Duplication
 - Simple - Top earners Simplify, and keep it duplicatable
 -Fight Complexity - Don't mess with simple core message, nature tends to chaos
"I don't know, all I know is ex./use products to xyz" It's OK to say I don't know

7. Events - Meetings Make Money! Personal contact helps make decisions
 - ANNUAL CONVENTION!  -June 22-26 Non-negotiable. Sacred time.  Fastest way to get to the top.
-Quarterly, Regional, Local, Home, Online events - all build to Convention
"We are Event Promoters."  Be an Event Ambassador!

8. Communication - The Organization most connected wins!
 - Strategies, Email, Social Groups, Phone, Text, Conference Calls, Webinars, Videos
 -Weak leaders depend (hope) on their leaders.  Top leaders make sure for them, blast info repeatedly, cover all bases. * I need to work on this!

9.Mapping your year  - 12 months in your year, times of highs, med, and low
 -Get people to Convention, recruiting, customers, contests
-*When mapping your year, plan the campaigns!

10. Campaigns - Engage, Create, and Promote campaigns!
- short term burst of activity with a particular goal
-Leaders think in Campaigns, thinking I need an Assignment!
-Product Campaign - train people build around it, use it, promote it, make it fun
-Recruiting - this month, "Get 3 to Live Free"*, focus on it
-Home Meeting - 10 in 10 weeks*, win something special, a pin
-Convention - Top Ten Reason, value, benefits for going
-Tools/System - example: audio cd giveaway, opportunity video

11. BONUS STRATEGY:  Success Loves Speed!
- Baseline does daily requirements, but occasionally need to get a Boost
-Take an Evening (4 hours) and go Nuts!  Make appts, call, mail, text...
 -Take a day (12 hrs)
 -Week to Meet a hundred people!
Become Bold, Crazy, Attractive-  Part Time people can do an eve, day, week
 - Month - create a 30 day game plan
 - 90 days - Insanity Boot Camp- most people not ready, but Full Time leaders can

**Eric Worre has a Series of Training Programs
1. Getting Started - Formula One - online 100$
2. Go Pro Recruiting Mastery - 20 hrs, 1500$
3. 90 Day Game Plan - 2 day 1000$ per person
4. Most Powerful Women - Home Study course 500$
5. Network Marketing Speaker Academy- how to keynote, speeches, 2 day course $1000
 - Go Pro All Access - Netflix like with all of the above $500 for 12 months
SPECIAL- $500 +Gift to 3 people -  I believe in you!


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