Thursday, January 18, 2018

Day 4 - A Tale of All the Tea

I am Thankful I can drink Herbal Teas on this Cleanse.  Tonight, I forgot to drink my dinner, because I got carried away drinking Tea.  I hope that doesn't interfere with my weight loss, that my body doesn't think I'm in Starvation Mode or anything.  I don't think I've told you all about my weight adventures on this Cleanse yet.  I couldn't believe when I got on the scale this morning, I saw I'd lost another pound!  I haven't posted my start weight, because I had a weight balloon sort of weekend.  I was 245 on Friday, then ATE well all weekend, really well, and so my starting weight on Monday morning was 247.   By Tuesday, that bloat was Gone and I was back to 245, but felt awful most of the day.  I really enjoy that one of the side effects for me of this cleanse is that I don't bloat.  Is it the sugar, the gluten, or the dairy, that have been making me bloat?  I don't know.  I just know I have anklebones, even though I cleaned the kitchen and entertained today.  My ankles have been swelling spontaneously since I goofed up my ankle last year. It felt good to not have that happen. I usually just oil up, rest up, and move on. Meanwhile, Today, I was down to 242.  Can you believe it?!  I would have been happy with this whole week deal just to be past 245, it's one of those pounds that I just have trouble getting around.  I balloon back up there, and get stuck at it again.  Has that ever happened to you?  I guess it does often to me, because I'm a yo yo dieter.  I do well for a while, but I just love food, specifically sugar and bread too much.

Meanwhile, I was so stoked about today, I rewarded myself by putting out raw almonds in my new/old Town and Country divided dish Pyrex that Eric picked up for me, for when my friends came over for Bible Study today. I made them Costco quiche cups, and one friend brought a Cara Cara Orange that I sampled, since an Orange was on my List.  They are pretty yummy, have a bit of bite, like a grapefruit.  I could've eaten more of that, but chose not to.   I ate almonds.  I just kept snacking all morning on them.  They hit the spot.  Trader Joe's Raw Almonds Rock! 

I drank 3/4 of a pot of Cinnamon Orange Herbal Tea from a Twinings party that I attended this weekend during our Bible Study.  Good Stuff.  And with the almonds, Oy! it was great.  Next thing I knew it was noon.  I drank my smoothie, and didn't gag.  I kicked up my lunch smoothie today with almond milk, Ningxia Red, a handful of spinach and a banana.  Bananas weren't on the List.  But I caved.  They make the smoothies so much tastier. It tasted great, and provided me just enough variety. 

For an after nap snack, I had some celery and raw almond butter.  That was great.  I actually didn't find myself getting Hungry today. Probably because I kept snacking on the nuts all morning. I just have some small residual cravings. This evening, a few Oily friends and I got together to shoot the breeze at Starbucks. I got so distracted by being with my Oily friends I completely forgot to drink my smoothie.  I didn't realize until 10 that I hadn't really had dinner.  Doh!   I had a Peach Tranquility Herbal Tea.  It was warm and good, and the company even better.  "Laughter through tears is my favorite emotion." We may have to make these get-togethers a monthly thing!  I sat there in the Starbucks, smelling the coffee, and not drinking any.  I sat by a rack of chocolate treats, and made myself look away.  The biggest booboo I made was when I made the mistake of opening the freezer, and seeing the pizza, bagels, waffles, as well as the quiche cups I was making my friends.  That was tempting.

I love carbs. 

But I didn't cave. 
I am beginning to worry about once the Cleanse is done.  I wonder if I'm going to Binge, and it worries me, that all the good work that has been done, will be undone.  My bowels seem a bit more normal today, and I don't want to lose that either.  I love having lost some weight. I enjoy not having to eat cookies every two hours because the sugar addiction was so strong with me.  When Jake and I curled up to nap today, I briefly toyed with the idea of Not Napping (gasp!) because I didn't really Need the Nap, I just wanted to rest my spine and snuggle with a sweetboy.  I did do that.  So far so good.  I'm a little nervous about this weekend, because on one hand I want to eat All The Things.  On the other hand, I'm loving the Results of this thing, and kind of wondering how long I can work this?  I don't know.   So far, so good. 

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