Thursday, August 3, 2017

The Kristin

I have sons. 3 sons. I don't get girly Time or a girly fix very often.  So it's a rare Blessing for me get Girl time!  My friend Kathleen needed me to borrow her girls while she went to teacher training at her new gig at the girls' school.  We painted our nails.   We watched movies.  I still had Jacob but he was so content to have the girls around, the girls were much more mellow.   I created a facial wash for Emily, who in her early hormone state, needed a good face wash.   So I put a Tablespoon of YL Orange Blossom Face Wash in a small foaming pump bottle and filled the rest with water.  So now Emily had a great face wash, and I gave her a bottle of Tea Tree which I've used as a spot treatment.  Sarah was given her nail polish to take home.  But for Kristin, I didn't know what to do.  She didn't quite have the hormone issues that Em had, nor did she want her nails done with anything but clear.  But she's a Girly Girl like me.  So I decided to make her something.  We decided to make a perfume.  I have some small 5 mL rollon bottles.  So I took her in to look at my stash of oils, and pick something sweet, and we'd make a perfume.  She picked 3 scents she liked, and we put them together with a carrier of sunflower oil.   It was Awesome!

We ended up using: 
10 drops of Joy 
10 drops of Jade Lemon 
5 drops of Coriander

I love how it turned out. The Kristin is a wonderfully refreshing sweet perfume of a blend.  That kid is a genius!

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  1. I went and made one of my own with 10 drops joy and 7 each of Lemon and Coriander.