Saturday, March 5, 2016

Ears and Improvisation

So I have this blend I use, I call it my Snoochie Blend.  It's 10 drops each of Melrose, Purification, and Lavender, and I use it around my ears and sinuses when I'm having congestion.  Last fall, I made a youtube video on what I do with my Snoochie Blend, it's not good, but here you go -


This week caught me off guard.  Jacob woke up Tuesday morning feverish.   Sam had gotten sick the week before, and it was Jacob's turn.  He woke up grumpy, and coughing more than usual.  I didn't like the look he had, so I took him into the Dr. in the afternoon.  He had a fever by naptime. And he had an ear infection.   I didn't see that coming!

So since then I've been trying to smother us all in the Snoochie Blend. But Chris got an ear infection by Thursday too, and apparently, a cough begun by some sort of viral crud can  lead to ear infections.  Oy.  So far, I've been applying to myself and haven't caught it.... yet.  Knock on wood.

Last night was a girl's night out for me, and I was so grateful for it, as I'd been home with sickies all week.  But one of my friend's ear was in need of some support, and she didn't have any Melrose.  So we Improvised:

10 drops Purification
10 drops Lavender
7 drops Melaleuca A.  (Tea Tree)
3 drops Thieves (which has Clove and Rosemary just like Melrose)
2 drops Panaway (since there's Clove but also Helichrysum, which I've been reading lately is great for ear support)

This blend smelled so fabulous.  We put it in a roller, and added some grapeseed carrier oil.  And she applied it around the base of her ear and down to her throat, just like I did in my video.
Within probably half an hour she started to feel some differences, she wasn't sure if it was good things or not.  But this morning, she told me her ear was feeling tons better!  So I wanted to share this Improv Success Story!

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