Monday, December 14, 2015

An Oil of Abundance

For this month's Oil of the Month, I am focusing on Abundance.  I was blessed to be able to send our Oil of the Month rewardees, a small vial of Abundance blend.  It's Christmastime!   This crazy month, we find ourselves surrounded by loved ones, and gifts of presents as well as their presence.   It's an overflow of Blessings!  And yet, we find ourselves stressed, and overwhelmed by negative emotions.   This blend, Abundance, can help us focus on the joy and blessings in our life, and bring it about in others.   Young Living's Mission is to Inspire individuals to live a life full of Wellness, Purpose, and Abundance.   In the coming year especially, I want my life to overflow with 'Wellness, Purpose, and Abundance to fulfill this Mission too.

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