Friday, November 27, 2015

Black Friday

I'm sorry it's been a while since I've been able to blog.  My photos and desktop computer have been on the fritz.  Blessedly, my tech savvy hubbie has saved the day.   
What a simply irresistible day to be a member of Young Living!  

We have some wonderful products on sale for 20% off!  
If you are interested, in any of these products...  just contact me!  

The Aria Diffuser, including a free bottle of the Northern Lights Black Spruce -
this diffuser is the supreme spa diffuser.  It has multiple light settings, as well as a remote control, and plays music!   And the new scent, comes from our new Nothern Lights farm in Canada, we call it North American Frankincense!  

Ningxia Red - you all know how much I love this!  If you are interested, in starting to drink an ounce or two a day, please take advantage of this.  The best thing I can say about our family drinking this every day, is that we don't get sick.  And that's enough!  

Pan-away - This wonderful pain relieving blend is the replacement for helichrysum in the sale.  Today is the last day.  But we use this stuff daily.  At first sniff, I thought it smelled like Ben Gay, but without the chemical afterthoughts.  

Life 5 - A Fabulous probiotic blend of the top 5 best bacterial strains, plus a couple extras, infused with Essential Oils for better absorption and digestive health!  

The Holiday Thieves Kit - including a bottle of Thieves cleaner, which can be used to clean Everything!   Seriously!  Everything!  Check this out:  

If you want to Place an Order, just go HERE or let me know!  

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