Sunday, April 2, 2017

Taylor's Story

Today, I have a Guest Poster, my friend Taylor McKinley who is a Young Living Silver.  We met last year at Convention.  I didn't know her Story, but when I read this, I had to Share.  

By Taylor McKinley
My personality leans to the all or nothing type. When we started changing things and I had so much truth poured into me about TRUE health and wellness (not the whole mask a symptom thing I tried to do for over 8 years) I found so much FREEDOM. It was a new hope that I had been blind to.
We have experienced the other side of a chemically overloaded lifestyle in something as catastrophic as cancer so to say there was a little passion behind our changes is an understatement. But I also experienced the results of a chemically overloaded lifestyle in other ways too. I used to get migraines, have a weakened immune system, live in chronic anxiety, struggle with fatigue, have all over the place hormones, struggle so much worse with acne, have little to no energy, and didn't know how much I was struggling to get good sleep.
I love that our lifestyle has completely changed. What we eat and drink, the makeup that I use, the way we filter our water, what I use to wash my face, the cleaning products under our counter. The list goes on and on.
Just think for a second with me through the thought process my friend, Lauren, helped me think through when we started making some changes. What if it's true? What if we get headaches from using toxic chemicals in shampoos, air fresheners and perfumes? What if our kids get sick all the time because they have weakened immune systems from the chemicals we use to clean our houses, the hand sanitizer at school, or the food that they eat? What if we have rampant feritility problems in our country because of the overuse of over-the-counter/prescription drugs, the dangerous ingredients in makeup, or the toxins in our favorite lotions? That we suffer from depression and anxiety because our bodies are so overloaded with toxins that simply need to be cleaned out?
We didn't just change things because it was the new cool thing to do. We didn't have this desire to be the "crunchy" ones of the group. It honestly felt really lonely at the time. But I was willing to do the research and make simple changes for my family to experience radical results. After we experienced the results for ourselves (which started happening after ONLY one week), I knew I wanted to create a community of other women making these same changes. I wanted to create an environment for them to be encouraged instead of alone.
When I quit my job and nursing school, I didn't know what that meant for my life. The identity that I had placed in my future career was gone. I didn't know what was next. All I knew is that He said, "walk with me." I don't know about you, but for me that walking looked a whole lot different than the standard go into debt, get a degree, work 40 hours a week, for 40 years, and live on 40 percent of what I struggled to live on in the first place. Many people didn't understand why I said no to Corporate America or the standard J.O.B. Many still don't and that is totally fine.
But in March, our Young Living team reached a HUGE milestone. Our team has now helped just shy of 200 families and we are projecting that to double in the next few months. That means 200 families making the changes, being empowered, and experiencing results. Our team is now considered a SILVER team which is a title only 0.3% of our company reaches. It means people are grasping the vision of changing other people's lives in wellness, purpose, and abundance. It means I have career that compliments my passion.
We would love to honor, serve, and help you find this same freedom. I don't know if this is for you, but if it is, we want to walk with you! #findyourpassion#makeityourjob #mymommasring #diamondrising #redefiningbusiness#HisGlory

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